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Company Ethics

The company ethics at Première Neige are very simple; we believe in offering top quality ski holidays with top quality service. No matter what the request, we strive to help our clients whilst being friendly, informative and polite. Should a problem arise, we will do our utmost to try and solve it quickly and efficiently.

Our beliefs and values

Offering a sincere and honest service, the team are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your winter holiday

We uphold our ethics by recruiting mature, forthcoming, sincere team members. In fact, at the training stage we always reiterate the importance of a smile! We pride ourselves on our team as they are so important in guaranteeing the satisfaction of both our clients and our local partners.

The company is also very much committed to ensuring that Sainte Foy maintains its traditional character and its welcoming feel. For this reason, we take a very active part in the local community, often helping or hosting local events. In doing so, we hope our staff and our clients alike integrate with the French community and leave Sainte Foy with fond memories and the desire to return in the future.

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