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Your child's interests come first on a family holiday with Première Neige

Babysitting in Sainte Foy

Available from 7pm, the babysitting service is 12€ per hour for a minimum of 3 hours. From 11.30pm onwards, the service is 20€ per hour.

Offering flexibility and freedom to experience the resort and its restaurants in the evening, our babysitters are responsible Première Service/Première Neige employees, either from the crèche or the rest of our resort team.

Terms & Conditions for Childcare Reservations with Première Service SARL

Childcare Reservations

In its role as booking agent, Première Neige book childcare services through it's sister company Première Service SARL, whom are the sole provider of all childcare services.

The total cost of your childcare is required to reserve your childcare place. This payment is the only way of securing your booking. Due to the high level of demand for childcare bookings, we cannot guarantee any bookings or hold any creche places until full payment has been received.

Any further childcare requirements such as babysitting or ad hoc days are payable in resort, with all payments to be settled prior to your departure. These bookings are subject to availability; please speak to the Reservations Team for further information.

Suitability of Childcare

Via Première Service SARL, Premiere Neige provides a selection of childcare options in order to ensure that childcare is accessible to as wide a range of children as possible. In order to ensure that your child receives the correct level of care, you will be asked for their age at the time of booking. Please note that it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that this information is accurate.

It is the responsibility of the parents to inform the Reservations Team at the time of booking if their child requires one to one or specific care. In particular it is vital that you inform us in advance if your child has any sort of physical or mental disability; any variety of chronic medical condition or illness; any sort of social or behavioural problems; or any other condition which may affect the childcare ratios within the creche. Premie?re Service believe strongly in equal opportunities and this information is used solely for judging the suitability of your booking, and for ensuring that any necessary preparations are made for your child’s arrival in resort.

Should we not receive notification in advance, and the Creche Manager deems that the type of childcare booked for your child is unsuitable once you arrive in resort, you will be asked to make alternative arrangements at your own expense. If you are unsure as to which childcare option would best suit your child, please speak to the Reservations Team or Creche Manager for further advice.

Cancellation Policy

If through circumstances beyond our control, Premiere Neige is forced to cancel your booking, you may elect for a full refund; accept childcare of an equivalent or superior standard from us if such childcare is available; or accept childcare of a lower standard to that booked together with a refund of the difference in price if such childcare is available.

Circumstances beyond Premiere Neige’s control do not include events amounting to “force majeure”. Force majeure means unusual and unforeseen events such as war, threat of war, riot, terrorism, natural disasters, fire, technical problems or accidents with airports, ports or transport, inclement weather or governmental action. Premiere Neige shall have no responsibility or legal liability to compensate the client for loss of opportunity to take up the childcare in this situation.

A cancellation by a client will only be confirmed once it has been received in writing by Premiere Neige. Clients are advised to send cancellations by recorded delivery to Premiere Neige Ltd, Chalet Chardon, Les Fermes de Sainte Foy, Sainte Foy, 73640, France.

In the case of a cancellation by the client, Premiere Neige shall be entitled to retain as much of the payment as is necessary to cover reasonable costs and losses by withdrawal. Premie?re Neige takes all reasonable steps to keep these costs to a minimum, and determines them to be: more than 6 weeks before arrival: 50% of total childcare cost; more than 3 weeks before arrival 85% of the childcare cost.

If cancellation is made after full payment has been made and more than 6 weeks before arrival, a refund of 50% will be made; if it is more than 3 weeks before arrival, a refund of 15% will be made. No refunds can be made for any cancellations made and received less than 3 weeks (21 days) prior to arrival. We recommend that you ensure that your insurance policy covers you against irrecoverable cancellation costs.

If your childcare requirements change we will endeavour to make the requested changes to your booking. There will be a 10% charge on your total childcare cost for us to rearrange your childcare at any time. If however we are unable to provide you with the requested change to your childcare, the cancellation charges above apply.

Working Hours

All childcare hours are as per advertised on our website. If you choose to start your day late or finish your day early, the childcare costs remains the same and no refunds will be issued for any unused childcare.

The morning session of creche finishes at 12.00pm and the afternoon session finishes at 4.30pm. We ask all parents to adhere strictly to these times. Should you be, for any reason, unable to collect your child by the allotted time please let the Creche Manager know at the earliest possible opportunity.

If you are unable to collect your child by the time above, Premiere Neige will do their best to find a babysitter, at your cost, to look after the child until such time as you are able to collect them. Please note that Premiere Neige cannot guarantee that this will be possible and are unable to take responsibility for any child not collected by the allocated times.

Babysitting and 'In-Resort' Bookings

Babysitting is available upon request, provided that there is a suitable babysitter available. Premiere Neige do not guarantee that all babysitters will be qualified members of the Childcare Team so if you require a babysitter with specific qualifications or experience, please speak to the Creche Manager at the time of booking.

If the childcare services are not fully booked for any specific week, it may be possible for us to offer a walk-in service for ad hoc bookings. These must be paid for in advance and are covered by the same terms and conditions as an advance booking. Where possible priority will be given to Premiere Neige clients however the decisions of the Creche Manager on the admission of walk-ins is final.

Sickness and Medication

If your child is unwell during your holiday there is a local doctor’s surgery and a number of pharmacies available. The concierge service can provide you with directions and opening hours upon request.

For the benefit of all of the children, Premiere Neige has a strict sickness policy. In the unlikely event that you child is unable to received the booked childcare due to illness or injury, there is no refund of fees available. For children who are ill or display signs of illness, childcare services will be withdrawn for a minimum period of 48hrs.

We will be happy to provide you with a letter of attestation for your travel insurance confirming that in line with our sickness policy, our childcare services had to be withdrawn, from whom you will be able to recover any forfeited monies in line with the conditions of any applicable travel insurance policy that you have.

It is your responsibility as parents to inform us of any special dietary requirements that your child may have and equip us with the necessary medication in case of an allergic reaction. This information must be given to us in writing prior to your arrival in resort.
Premiere Service work hard to ensure that the environment in our creche and for our other childcare services is a safe and happy one. Premiere Service has a strict list of policies and procedures relating to child safety and the working of the creche to which we ask staff, parents and children to adhere. A copy of these is available on request. Please note that children are left at your own risk and Premiere Service is unfortunately unable to accept responsibility for any accident that occurs during the course of the childcare.

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