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How You Can Help

Travelling To The Resort

  • If possible, travel by train. If you are flying, consider an airport transfer rather than hiring a car.
Travel by Train to Bourg Sainte Maurice which is 20 minutes from Sainte Foy

Support Sainte Foy

  • Eat in local restaurants, use local shops, and support local businesses as much as possible during your stay.
Use local shops and businesses where possible

Conserve Electricity

  • Turn out lights which you are not using.
  • Turn down heating which is set too high rather than opening the windows. Turning down your thermostat by just 1℃ could cut our carbon dioxide emissions by over 5%.
  • Switch off unused appliances at the plug, and try not to leave mobile phone chargers plugged in for longer than they need.
Unplug appliances in chalets where possible

Reduce Water Usage

  • Due to popular demand we wash towels mid-week in our catered properties. If you don't need your towels washed please tell your chalet hosts.
  • If you are using the washing machines in your properties, consider washing at 30℃.
  • Do not use more water than you need.
  • Report any dripping taps to your chalet hosts or to the Concierge Service as soon as possible.
  • Due to popular demand, some of our properties have hot tubs installed. If you do use the hot tub during your stay, please ensure that the cover is correctly replaced to stop heat escaping.
Replace covers on Hot tubs to reduce energy waste

Responsible Tourism Policy

Environmentally and socially responsible tourism is perhaps at its most important within the ski and snowboard industry, where the livelihood of whole regions depends on predictable yearly snowfalls.

Looking after our snow filled environment

Why Enforce This Policy?

Première Neige is strongly committed to doing everything possible to work with the local community to reduce climate change; without sacrificing the standards and service which our customers have come to expect.

The policy below cannot claim to be a fixed or final document. As our understanding of climate change grows, new technologies and ideas are introduced, and so our policy and procedures change to reflect this. As a result, we welcome all suggestions so please do let us know.

What Do We Do As A Company?

Centre of Sainte Foy Resort

Energy Efficiency

Unless specifically requested, all of our client communications are paperless and we email our newsletters and booking forms.

All of our electricity is supplied by EDF, the company with the lowest CO2 emissions in Europe.

Managing guest properties year round, enables us to switch off hot water and electrical appliances when they are not in use and ensure radiators only come on during cold periods.

Beautiful views of Sainte Foy in Winter

Reducing C02 Emissions

Public transport is often difficult and unreliable in the Alps. Therefore we promote the use of minibus transfers over hire cars, enabling us to combine small groups. All of our minibuses are diesel powered and regularly maintained to reduce pollution.

Sainte Foy is a mountain village and therefore facilities are limited, meaning that we do have to make trips to nearby towns. Wherever possible we combine these in order to save diesel.

Train travel to and from the UK is swift, easy and efficient. Transfers from the station to resort are very well priced.

Sainte Foy station is built with energy efficiency in mind

Staff Involvement

Our staff are trained on environmental tourism and they are encouraged to put theory into practice. This can be as simple as shutting the windows before they leave, or picking up litter around resort.

Our Maintenance Team work hard all year, to restore and preserve local historic landmarks.

Our offices are involved in responsible tourism too. We shut down computer monitors and other electrical equipment overnight and recycle as much as possible.

Helping To Support The Local Community

Helping to support the local community

Where possible we source fresh, local products for our catered chalets. Our bread is bought from the local bakery in Sainte Foy and our meat from a quality butcher in Aime.

We encourage our guests wherever possible to use local businesses. Our Concierge Service will help you book a restaurant or a massage.

Ski resorts are often unpopulated during the summer which can make a year-round life very difficult for local people. Première Neige have a year-round presence in Sainte Foy and bring in much needed summer business including our centrally-located crèche.

Wherever possible, we are phasing energy saving lightbulbs into our properties and in all of our catered chalets the friendly chalet hosts are trained to separate the recycling from the rubbish.

All of our chalets are built to incorporate the use of local building materials including wood, lauze and stone.

We take responsibility for many of the communal areas in Sainte Foy. During the winter you will see us out snow clearing, and during the summer we tidy and maintain large areas of the resort. This enables us to ensure that chemicals are not used on the snow, and that salt levels are kept to a minimum.

What Does The Resort Of Sainte Foy Do?

Beautiful summer flowers are encouraged in the centre of Sainte Foy

Grooming machines hydraulics run on environmentally friendly vegetable oil and the engines meet the European anti-pollution norms.

To compensate for those areas that have been cleared of vegetation for ski runs, the local forests of Grand Bois and the Monal are listed as protected forests. Skiing is prohibited in these areas.

Sainte Foy organises two citizens days a year. Litter left by tourists is picked up and with the help of volunteers including Première Neige, a major cleanup of the resort takes place.

A major reforestation campaign began in 2005, and at the rate of 200 to 800 saplings a year, there are now over 3800 new trees in and around the ski areas.

We are heavily involved in restoring and preserving local historic landmarks; our maintenance manager helped restore the chapel which is next to the Marquise run.

Sainte Foy use only water and air in their snow making machines, opting out of the addition of unnecessary and potentially harmful chemicals. With careful management and modern equipment, the pistes remain smooth and well groomed.

Sainte Foy actively encourages the use of public transport and a free bus service runs from Sainte Foy village to the resort.

Reducing Environmental Impact On The Mountain

The village of Monal is an area of outstanding natural beauty
  • Do not drop cigarette butts whilst skiing. Put them in a pocket and bin them once back at the chalet.
  • Take all litter back to the chalet with you, and dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner. Rubbish left out can be eaten by animals which disrupts the fragile ecosystem of the area.
  • Do not pick wild flowers or disturb wildlife unnecessarily. Do not ski over young saplings, or in national park areas. Damage is often only identified come summer.
  • When staying in our self-catered properties, please sort your recycling from your rubbish and ensure that you place it in the correct resort bins. When staying in a catered property, this will be done by your chalet host or chef but please do your best to help.
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